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B / Blackened Calamari


On a flour tortilla (gmo-free corn upon request) with blackened calamari, chipotle adobo, cabbage relish & a cheese blend. Topped with pibil sauce & melted cheese.

Blknd Burrito Options:Whole Wheat Wet Sauce on Side Add Avocado +$2Add Black Beans +$0.25Add Brown Rice +$0.25Add Guacamole +$2Add Mexican Rice +$0.25Add Pinto Beans +$0.25Add Real Sour Cream +$1No Cheese No Dairy No Mayo No Mexican Sour Cream No Pico Mesa Corn Tortilla **Rice & Beans SPC +$3Add Pico de Gallo +$0.25S P C Campechana Wet/green Sub Salm +$2Not Blackened Pico Mesa Side