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Selene900 6 days ago

Chilaquiles con Pollo

The best made with fresh tortilla made in house, crunchy and the green tomatillo sauce amazing!! Best in town and best I had!

Nicola 13 days ago

Camarones Tampiquenos

The sauce is excellent the shrimp succulent and the rice an excellent complement. I ordered this from postmates at least twice a month and often actually at 17th St. Highly recommend add the jalapeño poppers for a meal to savor.

Zach 15 days ago

Mesa Bowl

Working weird/long hours can make it hard to cook for myself. It's also hard to find something healthy that is open late. Taco Mesa's food is what every fast food restaurant should aspire to be like. The food is both satisfying and health conscious. 10/10.

Sarahkimchang 26 days ago

Carne Asada Burrito

The burrito is extremely tasty and flavorful. The meat is tender. It is made well. This is one of the best Mexican restaurants in Orange County. I drive over here from South OC to get my burrito fix. Thanks for making awesome burritos.

Yesskaaa 28 days ago


Definitely recommend this spot, my orders always right! prices & quantity of food is perfect. Good options of beer & delicious margaritas ! Always leave full & happy... Customer service is great and area is well kept & clean.

Rick about 1 month ago

Chilaquiles con Pollo

The Best, all of Taco Mesa's food is great but these are my breakfast treat.

Diana about 1 month ago


The carnitas torta is my favorite here. I could eat this everyday.

Jennifer about 1 month ago

Taco Tuesday

Every time I come to Taco Mesa for Taco Tuesday I am always excited. The price and the quality of the tacos are outstanding. During my recent visit I tried your original horchata and it was delicious! Staff is always very friendly and I enjoyed how they personally handed me my horchata and sprinkled some cinnamon on top! Thank you Taco Mesa, Muchisimas Gracias!!!

14wendy14 about 1 month ago


You can never go wrong with the carne asada nachos cheesy and delicious toppings !!(:

Carx0730 about 1 month ago

Huevos, Papas & Chorizo

The papas are perfect

Aaronking111991 about 2 months ago


They were mouth watering good!!! I loved them!!! Keep up the GREAT work!!!😍❤❤❤😊👍❤❤❤

Shawn about 2 months ago

Wild Salmon Taco

So good! I want to try more things, but I keep coming back to this buttery salmon taco with mango sauce. Could eat them every day!

Connectrick about 2 months ago

Wild Salmon Taco

Best fish tacos ever! I left a unique sauce that is used in this unique fish taco

Stephanielouise585 2 months ago

Blackened Burritos

I've been coming to Taco Mesa for so many years and 90% of the time I get the Blackened Chicken Burrito. The chicken is perfectly flavored and that sauce is to die for. I highly recommend the tacos too as they are substantially larger than most street tacos. Need a hangover cure? Look no further than their Pozole. Taco Mesa is forever my favorite neighborhood taqueria!

Jesicat518 2 months ago


Amazing fresh juice made by hand. Best traditional juice in OC

Kenzie8787 2 months ago

Omelete Sonora

I love omelettes, but I REALLY love this omelete. Everything tasted so fresh and was filling and full of great veggies! The red sauce was really the cherry on top, such a great flavor! Just writing a review makes me want another!

Barbara 3 months ago

Best of the West Taco

This is the best taco ever. I've had all bu the Calamari, which I will try but awesome.

Cejaney 3 months ago

Omelete Sonora

I love that Taco Mesa serves breakfast all day. I am glad that I asked when I went there tonight! This omlette is pretty tasty, and it seems pretty healthy too. Lots of veggies.

Briancunningham1030 12 days ago

Carne Asada Burrito

Fresh and Fantastic. Great sized tasty burrito that will blow your mind. Must try

Rachel 14 days ago


All I can say is DELICIOUS! This dish is always a go to for me. It never fails!

Frances 16 days ago

Steak Quesadilla

Best quesadilla ever! Everything is always consistent and fresh!!

Eskaadams 28 days ago

Blackened Chicken Quesadilla

I loved this item. It tasted great and since I was able to have it made with a corn tortilla I was able to have the first quesadilla I have had in years! All of the ingredients complemented each other well. I will definitely buy again.

Dramaseeker 28 days ago

Morenita Quesadilla

This is not your kids quesadilla! Such a great mix of flavors! I loved the fresh tomatoes and avocados... I've been eating at Taco Mesa for years, and it's fun to discover new and amazing food like this!

Diana about 1 month ago

Lobster Taco

Love these 😋

Itsnxncy about 1 month ago

Carne Asada

Really good tacos, I love them so much. The meat is very good, easy to chew on and it is very flavorful.

Crawford about 1 month ago

Carne Asada

Taco Mesa IS one of the best places to get tacos. Very authentic and so perfectly executed. I have eaten in many taquerias locally and in Mexico and this place has THE best carne asada. It literally melts in your mouth. The quality is top notch and it is grilled to perfection. I highly recommend this dish. My other go to's are blackened shrimp taco and blackened chicken taco. The complimentary escabeche is unreal too. You can't really go wrong ever with Taco Mesa!

Aprilclight about 1 month ago

Carne Asada

We eat at Taco Mesa once a week. They make the best carne asada around. I am super picky about the kind and quality of meat used and theirs is always top notch and cooked to perfection. My three young kids all love the carne asada well. My husband wishes I could make a steak this good at home! This item is a must try! It's a win win all around.

Gailmukai1 about 2 months ago

Taco Tuesday

Mexican food is our favorite. Taco Mesa has the best Mexican food. Everything we've eaten at Taco Mesa has been delicious - equal or better than the "fancy" restaurants (although the Orange location is especially nice). Their Taco Tuesday is unbeatable for selection, flavor, freshness, and price. Monday thru Friday, they offer a specially priced entree which is always good. Their self serve salsas, condiments, and pickled vegetables are flavorful and fresh. This is a great fast food location with a restaurant quality menu.

Jennamriggio about 2 months ago

Camarones Tampiquenos

This dish is delicious. I'm not a crazy fan of spicy dishes, but this one brings the right amount of heat mixed with a little bit of sweet from the rice and cranberries. It's one of my go to meals.

Madrid about 2 months ago

Shrimp Quesadilla

I recently had the shrimp tacos here (not the quesadilla) and was pleasantly surprised with the flavorful combination of the shrimp and the cabbage relish with a hint of lime. The most authentic flavors, hands down best in OC! So delicious, will definitely be back for more!

Guest about 2 months ago

Chile Relleno Casero

This is very good. Spicy. The menu warned me about it being spicy though. I will order this again in the future.

Kaceytaormina 2 months ago

Carnitas Taco

This shredded pork is by far the best I've ever had. I love That even the most rich foods are healthy and fresh here.

Marciaswillis 2 months ago

Wild Salmon Taco

Absolute perfection every time! The salmon dinner with garlic mashed potatoes was incredible too. The chorizo and egg burrito is do amazing. I tell everyone, no matter what you order, it will be the best version you will ever have. Ivan rocks it every time.

Arissagabe 3 months ago

Steak Taco

Love the food at Taco Mesa! It's a regular staple in our house! My husband always gets the carne asada burrito wet and I usually get the chicken or steak tacos. Their farm to table salad is great as well as the rice and beans! Yum!

Courtney 3 months ago

Carne Asada

I love Taco Mesa's carne asada with rice and beans! The meat is tender with the perfect amount of char, and the grilled green onions complement the dish perfectly. There is a generous amount of avocado, and the rice and beans are fresh and flavorful. The corn tortillas are super filling. This is the perfect meal if you are hungry, or if you want to split it with a friend. (Personally i would just keep it to myself! )

Actionisjackson 3 months ago

Blackened Burritos

Hands-down there is nothing better then the blackened chicken burrito. I love to get it smothered in the red sauce and add a side of guacamole and chips


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